Data Centre

Big data is big business.

The International Data Corporation predict worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics to reach more than $203 billion by 2020, while some forecasts predict global IoT connected devices to reach 31 billion. This exponential growth makes data centres one of the greatest sole users of energy. As the world’s digital economy evolves, so too does the need for reliable, secure, critical, conditioned power.

Cat backup generators protect the business and the information you rely on. EPSA are leaders in maintaining a continuous critical power supply during power disruptions.

Safeguard transactions and store critical content for easy access.

As the world’s digital economy evolves, you need reliable, secure, critical, conditioned power.

Maintain networks and systems so you can seamlessly manage your data. Maintain your uptime.
Ensure reliability and security when faced with unforeseen outages. Contact us today to explore your options for reliable power.

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Critical Continuous Power

Critical Continuous Power

Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, says IBM, one of the world’s leading technology and consulting corporations. That figure may be…

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