Food Processing

Protect your business against power outages.

The Australian food processing sector is a particularly important part of Australia’s overall food production. It responds to consumer trend for more convenient, healthier, fresher, less processed foods, with minimal storage time.

Reliable power is a crucial part of new food processing technologies and innovations.
A strong food safety regime along the chain relies on power – hire or buy today.

At EPSA, we know you can’t afford to be without power. Blackouts and Brownouts leave you with spoiled food and lost revenue.

We partner with you to provide tailored solutions to your businesses operations, processes and services that drive improvements to your bottom line performance.

We address critical services, capacity shortages, process bottlenecks, unique problems, maintenance requirements and risk reduction. Contact us today for more information.


Typical Applications

  • Additional cooling in seasonal demand periods
  • Additional power for planned maintenance
  • Cooling and ventilation of cold storage produce, dairy or meat products
  • Chiller or cooling tower capacity supplement or augmentation
  • Dry ice blasting for food packaging or processing
  • Temporary cooling and ventilation
  • Packaging, conveyor and palletising