Australia’s manufacturing sector experienced great growth in 2019; new orders, capacity utilisation and employment all improved. Pressures on gross margin profits and power insecurity continue to add risks to do business in Australia. Hire or buy standby and prime power systems to keep you in production and your business operational.


We partner with you to provide tailored solutions to your businesses operations, processes and services that drive improvements to your bottom line performance. We address capacity shortages, process bottlenecks unique problems, maintenance requirements and reducing risk.


Our Industrial Cooling fleet helps you through planned maintenance, shutdowns, emergency breakdowns, seasonal demand peaks and the summer heat. Increase productivity and production, address heat stress & fatigue minimise your down time and maximise your profits. Make sure you’re equipped with reliable cooling tower, fluid chiller and air conditioning equipment, have a rental solution on hand to suit any time-sensitive unforeseen disruptions.

Typical Applications:

    • Standby, Prime Power, Base Load & Peak Lopping
    • Construction Power
    • Planned Shutdown Power
    • Emergency Breakdowns
    • 100% Oil Free Air
    • Process / Instrument Air
    • Blasting & Coatings Air
    • Chilled Water Circuits
    • Batch Water Cooling
    • Supplemental Cooling Tower Water
    • Dense Air Injection
    • Electrical Equipment Cooling (Transformers, MCC Rooms & Large Motors)
    • Lube Oil Cooling
    • Vessel Entry Cooling (OH&S, Heat Stress & Fatigue Management)
    • Furnace Relining
    • Roaster / Reactor Maintenance
    • Acid Tank Maintenance
    • Leach Tank Coatings



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