Renewable Energy


We deliver reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

The de-stabilising effect that renewable energy has on power generation is significant, and the Cat Battery Energy Storage System resolves the stability challenges with or without renewable energy integration.

Today, Caterpillar is a global leader in the development of innovative energy solutions that offer lower operating costs than conventional fuels.

We have expanded into renewable energy and we are the exclusive provider of the new Cat Hybrid Microgrid Systems and Energy Storage solutions. Cat hybrid systems integrate traditional energy sources with wind, solar and biogas.

Hybrid Energy Systems technology delivers an innovative, cost-effective way to incorporate renewable energy sources into traditional power generation for diesel and gas applications.

  1. Hybrid Energy Systems are independently functioning forms of distributed energy generation.
  2. Operating costs are cheaper compared to conventional power generation.
  3. Hybrid Energy Systems can deliver grid stability and energy security.
  4. Digital controls and short duration storage enable consistent voltage and frequency


See more about EPSA’s first solar farm in Australia: The electricity generated from both landfill gas and solar sources is expected to exceed 11,000 MW hours of renewable energy per year – powering more than 1,900 homes 24/7. Also check out the project case study here. 

Click here to see how we’re at the forefront of the development and facilitation of renewable and alternative sources of energy with biogas and other innovative power solutions using waste.

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Hybrid Power

Hybrid Power

In early 2017, EPSA was engaged by Joule Energy in their partnership with Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) on an innovative first-of-its-kind project to…

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