Australia’s fast-growing population is putting increasing demand on our utilities.

This is especially so with the urban sprawl commanding new housing developments and high-density inner city living. What was once a three-bedroom house on a quarter-acre block now supports multiple level townhouses or units with a tenfold demand for energy and services for residents. Demands on utilities is rapidly increasing.

Yet ageing infrastructure, unreliable sources of supply, emerging regulations and rising customer expectations are also increasing the pressure. Maintaining your services and operations requires uninterrupted power supply.

We can provide a standby power system to support your mains supply to keep your operations running. Alternatively, if you are not grid connected a Cat generator is your most economical source of prime power for your business. Read more about our Utility capability in our White Papers.

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Biogas Power

Biogas Power

Each year about 60% of Australia’s waste, around 20 million tonnes, goes to landfill while another 14 million tonnes is processed through recycling activities. Most landfill waste is handled at Municipal…

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