Repower Packages

EPSA offers re-power options for all OEM equipment.


Cat® industrial engines can be installed in new applications, or for re-power of existing OEM equipment, including crushers, mine de-watering pumps, drill rigs, compressors, specialised mining machinery and power packs.

Power options from 11 to 8,180bhp (8 to 6,100bkW), When engines suffer from major failure or are just worn out, it is time to weigh up whether to repair or replace. Most have the ability to be re-built time after time, but two questions must be asked:

1. Do you have the time to re-build and wait for the availability of parts? If downtime is critical then a new replacement engine may help to get your equipment back up and running much faster.

2. Do you have the budget for continual repair and maintenance? At times the price to repair can begreater than a new replacement. The investment in a new engine with all new components and parts is a very sound investment in your future capabilities; and you get a full factory warranty that can even be extended.


Read more about EPSA’s Repower capability in a Case Study.